PRESS RELEASE – March 2, 2023

Media Contact: Kate Scott

Who: “We the People”
What: We Have Made History – Let’s Celebrate!
When: 1pm Arizona, 2pm MDT, April 2, 2023
Where: Coronado National Forest, former Camp Ocelot, google map pin:°20’01.5%22N+110°17’52.1%22W/ @31.3337507,-110.2999915,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4! 1s0x0:0x27ac1f4e730e39aa!8m2!3d31.3337507!4d-110.2978028? hl=en-US

Heartfelt Thanks and Deep Gratitude to you all!

Spring is here and new beginnings awaken in the Earth. We have accomplished what no one thought possible. Our convictions, passion and determination defended the Coronado National Forest from catastrophic damage. Know this. Keep it in your heart.

Let us come together and share songs, stories, art and poetry. We will also have a little something to nourish both the body and spirit.

An ASU film crew will be on site to capture this moment to share with those who followed our journey here and around the world. Join us at Former Camp Ocelot at 1pm Arizona on April 2!

In Solidarity,

Kate Scott
Border Wall Resistance
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