On Sunday, the Madrean Archipelago Wildlife Center hosted a benefit film screening at the Loft Cinema in Tucson. The screening included three films: “A Wall Runs Through It,” “Ducey’s Boondoggle” and “Prayer Run: Save Oak Flat.”

The first two films were sharply critical of former Gov. Ducey’s shipping container border wall that was erected in the Coronado National Forest late last year. One of the films described the containers as being out of place “like a toddler playing with legos.”

The films recounted the protest efforts late last year that eventually halted construction. They also recounted the high price tag for the construction and deconstruction of the shipping containers. In the end, the project cost $200 million and was paid for by Arizona taxpayers. One of the films pointed out this was more than the state’s entire environmental budget for 2022.

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