Tony Heath and Kate Scott, founders of The Madrean Archipelago Wildlife Center, are artists as much as they are activists. Their goal is to educate people about the Birdland Ranch Wildlife Conservation Area and surrounding areas, and support similarly minded creators.

Their upcoming “Three Films for Our Borderlands” screening is a testament to their work.

“With my husband, Tony, as an independent filmmaker, it provided the impetus coupled with the blessings from ASU filmmakers,” Scott said. “Having worked as a professional musician in another life, I understand the power of the artist’s voice, crossing boundaries, touching hearts and minds down pathways unforeseen.”

MAWC will host “Three Films for Our Borderlands,” a benefit screening of independent filmmakers at The Loft Cinema on Sunday, June 4. The three documentaries channel the rich biodiversity of the Southwest through the issues of border conflict and environmentalism.

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