PRESS RELEASE – July 24, 2023

Media Contact: Kate Scott
Who: Border Wall Resistance
What: Neglect and Abuse at the Hands of the Border Patrol Endangers Migrants During Historic Heatwave

In response to the July 21, 2023, Intercept article by journalist Ryan Devereaux and photojournalist Ash Ponders, “Border Patrol is Caging Migrants Outdoors During Deadly Arizona Heatwave.”

This article exposes the horrific conditions migrants are forced to endure in this historic heatwave being caged outdoors to await processing. According to the article,”…CBP did not answer several specific questions from The Intercept; including how long people are being kept outside in the heat, whether children are among those who have been kept outside, and whether anyone held outside has required emergency medical care…”

How can the Border Patrol be so wholly unprepared knowing Arizona was to experience record breaking temperatures?

We demand that Border Patrol take immediate action to end these inhumane and potentially deadly conditions and initiate compassionate and humane protocol! We will remain vigilant. Know this!

Please call Robert Daniels, CBP Public Affairs Office Tucson, (520) 519-7038
Border Patrol Agent-In-Charge, Joel Garcia, Ajo Station,, (520)387- 7002

In Solidarity,

Border Wall Resistance
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