Who: “We the People”
What: Trash Taken Out! Ducey’s Container Wall
When: February 2, 2023
Where:Coronado National Forest, San Raphael Valley

The total cost of Ducey’s border wall boondoggle will exceed $200 million in taxpayer dollars. A huge swath of the Coronado National Forest was dug up and destroyed in one of the most beautiful places in Southeastern Arizona. Protesters have shown that committed citizens can change this nation’s misguided border policy. We have vowed to fight any future attempts at building walls through the Coronado National Forest in the San Raphael Valley in southeastern Arizona.

Border Wall Resistance wanted to share other comments that have been received:

  • ‘In a major win for community activists on behalf of migrant rights and the environment, the last cars of Ducey’s boxcar border wall are set to be hauled away today…’ John Washington, author of “The Dispossessed.”
  • ‘The border-crossing jaguars thank you.’
  • ‘Deep bows of thanks to the brave citizens who stopped this wall from causing even more damage, and forced its removal.’
  • ‘A criminal, dangerous, and horrific waste of Arizona Taxpayers money.’
  • ‘The junky-looking, wasteful, ecologically catastrophic shipping container border wall is gone already? If so, that’s great news!’

In Solidarity,

Kate Scott
Border Wall Resistance
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