There have been moments in my lifetime when the whole world seems insane. When I saw what was happening at the border, I was stunned. Massive trucks hauling containers driving so fast we were covered in their dust when we got out of our vehicles. Blaring air horns at unnerving decibels racing by us without regard for our presence. They dominated and decimated our national forest with complete impunity. No one was watching. No oversight from any federal agency. It didn’t matter to them our small group was standing there.

I’m glad I can cry and still fight. What can one person do? One person with an ache in their heart at what they are witnessing to the Trees, Earth, Water and Wildlife can make a difference. One person fearful for your community’s safety as trucks and trailers barrel down beautiful back country roads can make a difference. One person can help others feel they can make a difference. That is what happened. Once we knew we could stop the carnage, the energy went out and we were joined by many.

And now the wall is gone.

Bear, Mountain Lion, Ocelot, Jaguar, Mule Deer, Bluebird and all sentient beings can walk, fly and Be again. We lost hundreds of trees that provided shelter, food and beauty to the landscape. Their loss is something you can not find a word for. How they were savagely bladed down by the

bulldozer, tossed aside in large piles along the road and later cut up in small pieces by the same callous contractors that had destroyed them. All neat and tidy, no one allowed to witness what went on in the de- construction of the wall. But we know, we have the photos, videos and will always remember. It is in my bone marrow, cellular. As the poet Logan Phillips, shared with us around a moonlit campfire at Camp Ocelot, the San Raphael Valley is the landscape of my soul. We will share our stories. We will never forget.

Ducey committed crimes against nature, humanity and peace in his illegal destructive seizing of the Coronado National Forest in plain sight. Never forget what happened here. The more you speak truth from your heart, whether heard or not, energetically you offer up a field of opportunity that others can tune into and learn to connect to their truth.

And now the wall is gone. Now it is time to heal. ####

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