Who: “We the People”
What: Political Haymaking at Expense of the Vulnerable Continues with Kevin McCarthy Visit
When: February 16, 2023
Where: Coronado National Forest, San Raphael Valley

In anticipation of today’s planned visit to the border, The Border Wall Resistance urges House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Representative Juan Ciscomani to focus on community development, environmental protection and immigration reform in our southern border communities. The status quo of militarization, baseless fear-mongering and border wall construction reflects the worst impulses of a minority.

The construction of the illegal border wall was characterized by obfuscation, grift, and reckless disregard for the truth. It is time to shed light on the sordid facts and repair damaged relationships. The border impacts everyone and every living being that calls this place home. It should not be a political tool to further greed and power.

Our determined group of environmental justice warriors have been successful in alerting the public to the crimes committed during November and December 2022 and in stopping the illegal construction. We continue to watch, document, and raise our voices against inhumanity. We will not cease. Our Voices of peace, reconciliation, and deep love for this place and its inhabitants will continue to be raised.

In Solidarity,

Kate Scott
Border Wall Resistance
Border Wall Resistance Website