No Border WallFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Kate Scott


Who: “We the People”
What: Forest Service Denies Access on January 13, 2023 to Border Wall Resistance Volunteers
Where: Coronado National Forest, Shipping Container Wall

No sooner than the Volunteer Service Agreement was printed and Border Wall Resistance Volunteers were on-site, we were deemed Illegal, Unauthorized and Threatened to be arrested.

Being used to harassment and intimidation during the weeks of protest against Ducey’s illegal seizure of public lands and construction of container wall, to be met by a Forest Service law enforcement officer and told the Agreement was invalid and that we were illegal was chilling. Chilling in that new damage had been documented that very day our agreements were revoked.

The only access at present for media and photojournalists is a small, police-taped, 5ftx5ft “pen” at the staging area only and with zero visibility of the container removal work. Now no one knows what is happening to our land, water and wildlife. AshBritt continues its container wall de-construction with zero oversight.

We say to you Coronado National Forest Service:

What is the point of having federal land you are supposed to protect if you don’t protect it? Why are you aiding the out-of-state private contractor AshBritt that desecrated our national forest? These and so many other questions need to be answered.

In Solidarity,

Kate Scott
Border Wall Resistance